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Is it ok for men to cry


Our society is such that men and women are categorized in certain ways. Men are said to be stronger and women are often referred to as the weaker sex.

It's taken us a few...

A man crying is mocked at by people around and it is so wrong. It is high time we brought a stop to this stereotypical gender categorization.

It is high time we stop the men from expressing their emotions. If you have a husband, son, a friend or a brother in your life, please do not mock them if you ever see them cry. And if you are still not convinced as to why we think it is important for men to cry, here are some reasons.

Let go of all those...

The next time you see anybody you know crying, just hug him and tell him it is okay. It can also be because of sheer happiness.

When you meet your loved ones after a long Is it ok for men to cry, the birth of a child and several other instances give out tears of joy and men too can tear out. It teaches the boys to be sensitive which is sure to make this world a better place because we need sensitive men and the indifferent, cold men.

There are several women who find men with a softer side to them attractive. Men usually put a very strong side all the time. Thus sometimes it is a welcoming change for some women to see men crying because it is also a proof of how important or closely they feel about a particular situation.

And why is it that...

Let go of the creaming, yelling and cursing when angry. Men have another alternative and that is just crying it out. Crying sometimes does help you make feel better. So if there is anything that is bothering a man at work, crying will make him feel better.

Do we have to time and again remind people that men are humans to?