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Miriapodos reproduccion asexual de las plantas


Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Conversely, the occurrence of these flank eruptions, combined with the Pico Viejo and NW rift eruptions, poses a very high lava-flow risk to the Miriapodos reproduccion asexual de las plantas densely populated areas in north and west Tenerifewhich have been almost entirely resurfaced during the past 20, years.

Se han seleccionado doce recursos naturales y culturales vinculados con la geodiversidad de Icod de los Vinos. Full Text Available The spatial and temporal distribution of volcanic eruptions in the Canarian Archipelago are a consequence of their origin and evolution, in response to hotspot activity.

Therefore, the probability that eruptive phenomena will occur is greater in the western islands TenerifeLa Palma and El Hierro, the closest to the hotspot vertex, where hundreds of eruptions have been localized in the last By contrast, in La Gomera presently in the volcanic repose stage and in the easterly islands of Gran CanariaFuerteventura and Lanzarote the most distant and oldest, in the post-erosive stage of development, few eruptions, if any, have taken place during this period.

Objective data therefore exist that permit the assessment and zonification of eruptive hazards in the archipelago. In this work the assessment of volcanic hazards in the island of Tenerife is presented, whichare concentrated in the volcanic system formed by the central edifice of Mt. Teide and the Northwest Rift. Full Text Available Urbanization is one of the main causes of species extinction. Closely linked to urbanization are road systems, which are a source of biotic and abiotic effects on the surrounding landscape.

In particular, roads sharply define and fragment forest ecosystems leading to changes in plant species composition and vegetation structure from road border to the surrounding interior.

This paper assesses border effects on tree species richness and composition in the laurel forest of Anaga, TenerifeSpain. Effects of anthropogenic corridors on vegetation differed among the study sites.

"Miriapodos reproduccion asexual de las plantas" analysis revealed that species composition is more related to the sampling site than to the effect of the corridor, while for density, significant differences were found between the road border and forest interior but not as a regular pattern.

Historia de un planeta vivo...

This suggests that main corridor disturbances regarding tree basal area is limited to the immediate road edge in the laurel forest, while for species composition, no significant differences were found.

Radioactive content in groundwater in the island of Tenerife Canary Islands ; Contenido radioactivo en aguas en aguas subterraneas de la Isla de Tenerifie Canarias. At present the groundwater in Tenerife is still the main resource to meet the demands of all kinds. Currently, due to the salt content, groundwater is treated using reversible electrodialysis desalination systems before drinking it. Full Text Available In this work, several morphological aspects of volcanic ash grains from southern Tenerife are studied by S.

Important variations in vesiculation, fracture and wheathering of pyroclasts are observed. It's possible to characterize diferent types of deposits pyroclastic falIs, pyroclastic flow, surges, etc. En este trabajo se estudian mediante M. Deformation in volcanic areas: Active volcanic areas study comprises both, observation of physical changes in the natural media and the interpretation of such changes.

Deformation of the Earth's surface reflects tectonic, magmatic and hydrothermal processes at depth. In this way, the prediction of volcanic deformation through physical modelling provides a link between the observation and Miriapodos reproduccion asexual de las plantas interior processes that could be crucial for volcanic hazards assessment. In this work, we develop a numerical model for elastic deformation study.

La reproducción asexual en plantas...

FEM allows to take into account different morphology, structural characteristics and the mechanical heterogeneities of the medium. Numerical simulations of Miriapodos reproduccion asexual de las plantas in Tenerife Canary Islands taking into account different medium hypothesis allow us to conclude that the accuracy of the predictions depends on how well the natural system is described.

Islas de ida y vuelta. Canarias y El Caribe en contexto colonial. Full Text Available On the presupposition that the conquest of the Canary Islands set the colonial Miriapodos reproduccion asexual de las plantas for the later Spanish enterprises in the Americas, the author discusses a number of elements of identity shared by the islands of both the eastern Atlantic and the Caribbean.

Sugar, the slave trade and the raising of bananas, cochineal and tobacco are the instances chosen for this comparative analysis. In addition, the author makes a reference to the legends of the apparition of the Virgin of Charity at El Cobre, in Cuba, and of Candlemas in Tenerife.

In this paper we aim to analyse some aspects about aborigine productive systems of Tenerife and Gran Canaria and their incidence in the socioeconomic organisation of these communities.

Laparocerus rasus Wollaston, is redescribed and two new subspecies localised in Fuerteventura are ascribed to it: Several new species are described from that same island: The only confirmed species form Morocco, Laparocerus susicus Escalera,is redescribed and L.