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Gauss curve online dating


But it felt like a throwback Friday. There is stigma and judgement and, often, the sympathetically sanctimonious nod of the head. We could talk about market demand and market supply to try and discuss this. But that concept is quite daunting — because there is no mass market.

Admittedly, I am exaggerating a bit. Or you might learn to live with a slightly unusual colour. Not even if you were Gauss curve online dating to wear them. Given that there are many markets, only a few of which will be star-crossed, we can say the following:.

Fortunately, when it comes to volume games, there is no need to try every single shoe in existence. In fact, within a few thoughtful moments, you can Gauss curve online dating isolate a thin margin of society for the compatibility test. We have naturally tended, since birth, to spend time with people that we like. We do not face a world where there is a bell curve of people, equally distributed across time and geography. Instead, we tend to clump into groups formed on the basis of similar outlooks, experiences, classes, cultures and interests.

So the traditional path of being blind-dated by your friends?

OKCupid study shows women say...

As we get older, the groups of friends begin to dwindle. The successfully-coupled tend to spend more time with the successfully-coupled. We start working, and there is less time to club and bar-hop and form new groups of friends.

As that happens, the larger groups of friends from our university years begin to splinter into a few core relationships with the occasional reunion and random chance encounters. Also, even ignoring that common development, the young professional group in general tends to be more geographically dislocated than it was before.

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