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For Your Family Log in Sign me up. Is it ok for kids to read books outside their reading levels? Column 4 Our impact report: How Tech is Changing Childhood. Parent reviews for Grand Theft Auto V. Based on our expert review. Based on reviews.

Parents say Kids say Parent Written by Bigdaddy September 20, Great game and not as bad as people say! Well this game Gta v inicio online dating a bad reputation but it really doesn't deserve it! You can learn a lot of things from this game such as about stocks and bonds, managing money and also sports as the is a big golf and tennis minigame! Bad places can easily be avoided and the violence is no worse that what is seen on the news and the language isn't as bad as what can be heard in school!

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It is a really fun game and a mature child should be just fine playing it as long as they are not a psycho Gta v inicio online dating will know that it is a game and shops never be repeated!

Helped me decide Had useful details Read my mind Parent of a 14 and 16 year old Written by kevinjohnson September 19, GTA 5 Review As per usual, only half of the true story is told by these review websites, much like common sense media.

To be honest, as long as your child is over thirteen and knows their right from wrong then there's no real reason to stop them from getting this game.

My son had been asking me for the game's in the GTA series for quite a while, allot of his friends have had Gta v inicio online dating game since they were as young as 10 and he didn't understand why I wouldn't let him have it.

But after looking at the game and seeing him play it at one of his friends house, I decided to let him have it. Firstly the mini game in the strip club isn't always on, and there's no mission which makes them go there, so you should be able to trust them enough not to go there. The majority of the swearing is in the cut scenes, which you should be able to trust your child to skip if you want them to, and the same goes for the nudity although it isn't shown very often, once once or twice throughout the game.

Since the missions which are told in the cut scenes are repeated in the menu, skipping these cut scenes shouldn't interfere with their play through of the game. So in whole, as long as your child is mature enough to skip the cut scenes and know that the game isn't real life, then I don't think you should have any concerns about giving it to anyone over thirteen, since the language isn't any different and probably less frequent than what they would hear at school.

Adult Written by Beardlyman April 23, Take it From Someone Who Actually Played the Game I'm going to start with saying that the game was very well Gta v inicio online dating a masterpiece if you will. However, that is not what this review is about.

Most of you reading this are here to see if this is ok for your child. The straight and honest answer is absolutely not. Unlike most who have made a review, I have taken the time to play this game.

Now I don't mean I played it for an hour or two hours, or even five hours. I have played the game in full and have experienced all of its content. Some reviewers before me say that Common Sense is only telling half truths and that they are overreacting. If you took the time to play the game, you would realize they are not. I'm going to debunk some of reviews before me.

Nothing personal, just the honest truth. A lot of parents on here say that they trust their child to stay away from the optional sexual content the game provides. Trust is a good thing.

However, we've all been teenagers and did you ever do something that you parents told you not to do? We've all done it. A lot of reviewers say that all the sexual content is avoidable.

Some of the content is avoidable, like the strip clubs which offers topless dancers or the fact that you can pick up prostitutes on the street and have intercourse with them in you car it does show the scene without an option to skip.

However, the story does have sex scenes that bare all. One mission in particular, you are working as freelance paparazzi taking pictures of celebrities. Next thing you know you're actively taking pictures of an outdoor sex scene again Gta v inicio online dating the option to skip. Some say that it has an educational value in the form of a stock market.

There is in fact an in game stock market but let me elaborate. The stock market is in place for you to abuse it by killing the oppositions customers and employees to raise your stock price in turn making a "killing" on the stock market. Oh and I can't forget about this. Some time into the story, you play as Trevor and to continue on you have to actively take part in torture.

You pull some teeth, break some kneecaps, and apply a bit of electricity. This is unavoidable and must be done to continue on through the game. Now I've only grazed the surface here and take the time to read some of the kids reviews; they did give a higher age rating than the parents on here after all.

Just so you know, I'm 22 and don't have any children but I hope this review will help you parents out there make the right decision. You don't have to be a parent to have some common sense. Mature,Not for kids, but a great game Overall. This game not only has Very Strong language but also contains a good bit of sexual elements to it: The violence in this game is the equivalent to your Call of Duty shooter little blood spurts when you shoot someone,but never really any gore ,but there "Gta v inicio online dating" however a torture cut-scene which is impossible to skip, In this one sequence, players are directed to use various instruments and means e.

The language is equal to any other M game on the market currently, the game contains uses of the words: Back "Gta v inicio online dating" me personal review, Now I'm very disappointed to see so many parents who let younger Gta v inicio online dating play games like these,and I also don't like when parents rate these games and they have not played them, and also when provide a lack of details.

This is a really mature game and It's a blast, but it comes down to knowing Gta v inicio online dating your older teen can handle it,I definitely don't recommend this game to be played in large quantities of time but little snippets here and there. Parent Written by SteamPipe September 23, In both games, yes, it is possible kill civilians, but GTA V gives the players NO incentive whatsoever, and in fact rewards you Gta v inicio online dating helping civilians - for example, random crimes can occur around the stunning city of Los Santos, and if you stumble upon one of these, and successfully stop itthe player's reputation is boosted.

In essence, the 'bad bits' of Just Cause 2 are there - e.

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As Gta v inicio online dating mentioned before, the violence is unrewarded, and the true fun in the game comes from discovering and exploring the amazing city, climbing mountains, riding bikes, parachuting, buying shares in the stock market, flying planes and so much more.

In the upcoming GTA Online players can play together in an online version of Los Santos, exploring the city together and playing the built-in games like tennis or golf, competing to beat the other.

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