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Best way to chat up a girl online


Here at VIDAwe are all for cut-and-paste messages. In the time it takes you to write one custom message to a particular hottie, you could send out 20 template messages to 20 different hotties. But before you wear out the C and V on your keyboard, understand that online dating websites and dating apps have very different formats and tend to attract a Best way to chat up a girl online crowd.

That means you should use a different message for Match. Women on dating websites tend to be looking for an actual relationship, rather than a hook up. You also have to catch her attention, engage her curiosity, and make her want to respond. When a particular girl catches your eye, look through her profile and see what type of person she is.

If you want to spend time going the customized message route, look for clues about her values and passions in her photos and profile text. Does she have a picture of her climbing Machu Picchu? Then speak to her adventurous side and her love of travel. Does she talk about her career goals in her profile?

Then show her you take her seriously and value her drive. But why reinvent the wheel? This is why keywords and the advanced search function are your new best friends.

If you won an all-expenses paid trip around the world courtesy of the Travel Channel, where would you go first? Is she into skiing?

My Four Proven Openers for...

Invest some time in writing messages for different keywords that interest you, like cooking, wine tasting, or surfing. In contrast to dating websites, women on dating apps expect you to be on the go and talking to tons of girls at once. That not only gives her a reason to respond, it makes it easy. You want to craft the perfect opening line that can be used over and over again.

A good opening line for dating apps needs to hook her attention, make her eager to respond, and hopefully make her laugh or smile.

Getting a Date Online

The first message uses humor to show her that messaging with you will be full of playful, flirty banter. It also gives her an easy way to respond by ending with a albeit sarcastic question. The second one focuses less on humor and more on intrigue.

Cheesy and sleazy pick-up lines do nothing to set you apart from the masses of men she hears from every day, so they are a huge waste of your time. Reel her in with a clever, thoughtful message. Use this easy formula to keep the conversation progressing toward a date: One of the biggest mistakes guys make once they start talking to a girl online is waiting too long to ask her out.

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