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Bozze tatuaggi online dating


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Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers. This week recorded August 27,the ladies kick things off with a headline round up including top stories on: What story do you want an update on?

We want to know! All this and so much more. Get our logo and some of Cate and Liz's favorite catch phases on accessories and apparel at eveningboozehour. We're also on Patreon! Don't forget to spread the word on social media Instagram: Below are links to the original sources of the stories featured in this week's episode.

This week recorded November 11,the ladies kick things off with random headlines on a man hoping to legally change his age so he can score more Tinder dates, new research that shows psychopaths like their coffee black, and the first AI news anchor has debuted in China and may be coming for Cate and Liz's jobs.

In Crime Time, Liz reports This week recorded November 2,Cate kicks things off with random headlines including the first attempted murder in Antartica caused by a spoiler and a teacher who was arrested for starting Bozze tatuaggi online dating hour a little too early in her classroom. This Bozze tatuaggi online dating recorded on October 28,Cate and Liz celebrate Halloween!

They kick things off with a couple of weird top headlines on Disneyphiles having their ashes spread at the happiest place on earth and one creepy giant flower that is getting ready Bozze tatuaggi online dating stank it up!

The ladies dedicate the rest of the episode to special guest paranormal c This week recorded October 21, Cate and Liz go on a lot of tangents which means you get a super sized episode!

Cate kicks things off with some random headlines you may have missed including Kleenex's "mansized" tissue debacle, China's plans to launch an artificial moon into the night sky and an Arizona man drink!

This week recorded October 15,the ladies record a whole episode that doesn't save! So what you are listening to is the second attempt which is why they sound tired and down because they are. Cate and Liz kick things off with random headlines including a woman arrested at Total Wine for living her best life, a police department that h This week recorded October 7,Cate kicks things off "Bozze tatuaggi online dating" a random headline round up that includes a Houston museum exhibits that encourages visitors to walk in another person's skin and one smart business lady in Maine who is selling art made out of moose poop.

This week recorded on September 27,Cate kicks things off with a random headline round-up that includes not one, but two buried alive "Bozze tatuaggi online dating," a seal slapping a kayaker with an octopus and fashion brand Versace being bought out by Michael Kors. In Pop Culture, the ladies get into the new bling ring striking Hollywood and reminisce about This week recorded on September 23,Cate kicks things off with a random headline round-up including a sexy Handmaid's Tale Halloween costume Praise Be!

Next up in Pop Culture, Liz reports on This week recorded Bozze tatuaggi online dating 13EBH turns 50! For our 50th episode the ladies kick things off with a random headline round up of the weird, wonderful, and Bozze tatuaggi online dating moments from New York Fashion Week. Then, in No Shit Sherlock, an author who wrote a book on how to get away with murdering your husband is arrested for murdering her own husban This week recorded September 9,Cate kicks things off with some random headlines including a story out of China about one elementary school principal who started the new school year with a pole dancing performance!

This week recorded on September 3,Cate kicks things off with a headline round up including Kim Kardashian getting dropped from Balmain in favor of CGI models, her sister Khloe's new show Twisted Sister all about true crimes committed by sisters, tattoos in the work place and how one cop was suspended over his anti-government tattoo whi Next up, Cate and Liz give Bozze tatuaggi online dating on some of the craziest past stories This week recorded August 18,Cate kicks things off with updates on some of the top weird stories EBH covered this summer including the twin wedding, recently Hollywood divorce drama, and of course plenty from the poop scoop files.

In pop culture, Cate and Liz discuss age Bozze tatuaggi online dating relationships in Hollywood and how old is too old to be datin This week recorded August 13,Cate and Liz kick things off with a round up of random Bozze tatuaggi online dating, followed by a story to warm your cold dead heart out of middle America about a kid who auctioned off his pig to try and raise money for a good cause and to get his favorite teacher to come back to work.

In Pop Culture, the ladies report on so This exclusive content is normally only for our Patreon Saints so if you like what you hear and want more head over to Patreon.

This week recorded August 5,the ladies kick things off twinning when Cate reports on identical twin brothers marrying identical twin sisters and moving in together! Are you here for this level of weirdness? Got a case of Nick Cage Rage? The only prescription is listening to this week's episode of EBH recorded on July Cate and Liz kick things off with a round-up of recent random news headlines.

In Pop Culture, the ladies report on the best and worst of Hollywood remakes The ladies then expand on This week, the ladies of EBH bring you what could possibly be their best episode ever! Cate kicks things off with a story about the man with the Bozze tatuaggi online dating longest fingernails recently cutting them off and successfully ending his streak! Bozze tatuaggi online dating, the reason behind growing out his talons may be crazier than the actual record breaking feat.

This week, the ladies kick off their 40th episode with some shout outs and listener requests. Then in top random news, Cate reports on current weird beauty trends starting with a woman whose toe nails began to come off after she did a fish pedicure! If you've been bummed with life on earth Bozze tatuaggi online dating the past year or two then don't miss Liz's top stor This week recorded June 24,the ladies kick Bozze tatuaggi online dating off with a headline to warm your cold dead heart out of India.

In top random news, Cate reports on one man's attempt to make money off of recent health trends by selling hot dog flavored water gag. Liz gets political discussing a surprise press conference held by the President of the This week recorded on July 17,Cate and Liz kick things off with some global shout outs! In random top news, Cate reports on the world's worst girlfriend, a woman who sabotaged her boyfriend's plans of joining a prestigious music consortium unbeknownst to him.

Then, Liz gets us up to speed on the status of the attempted world recording This week's episode recorded on June 10, is dedicated to the craziest state in the union Cate and Liz kick things off by discussing some of the best headlines out of the sunshine state before bringing on their special guest Florida correspondent Sarah!

Sarah dishes on daily life as a Floridian, reports on some recent weird new Cate kicks things off with some random headlines followed by a story about a Russian journalist who faked his death to prove an assassination attempt.

In Pop Culture, Liz reports on This week recorded May 28, the ladies kick things off celebrating Liz's birthday! For the special occasion, Cate fills Liz in on the weird and not that uncommon effect of people dying on their birthday's you know they love a good effect Next up, Liz reports on a recent zombie alert issued in Florida, because where els This week recorded May 20, the ladies bring you a special episode dedicated to the Royal Wedding! - Meet Tattooed Singles....

While they may never be royals, Cate and Liz still feel qualified to dish on everything that went down at the event of the year! They kick things off with some fun royal wedding facts and including a unique souvenir to commemorate the specia This week recorded May 11,it's Mother's Day!

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