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Physiologus online dating


The Physiologus is a didactic Christian text written or compiled in Greek by an unknown author, in Alexandria ; its composition has been traditionally dated to the 2nd century AD by readers who saw Physiologus online dating with writings of Clement of Alexandriawho is asserted to have known the text, though Alan Scott [1] has made a case for a date at the end of the 3rd or in the 4th century. The Physiologus consists of descriptions of animals, birds, and fantastic creatures, sometimes stones and plants, provided with moral content.

Christian Soteriology and Christian Platonism:...

Each animal is described, and an anecdote follows, Physiologus online dating which the moral and symbolic qualities of the animal are derived. Manuscripts are often, but not always, given illustrations, often lavish. The book was translated into Armenian in 5th century [2]Latin in about[3] and into Ethiopic and Syriacthen into many European and Middle-Eastern languages, and many illuminated manuscript copies such as the Bern Physiologus survive.

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