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Explorers on the Moon French: The story was serialised weekly in Belgium's Tintin magazine from October to December before being published in a collected volume by Casterman in Completing a story arc begun in the preceding volume, Destination Moonthe narrative Avanture tintina online dating of the young reporter Tintinhis dog Snowyand friends Captain HaddockProfessor Calculusand Thomson and Thompson who are aboard humanity's first manned rocket mission to the Moon.

Critics have praised the illustrative detail of the book, but have expressed mixed views of the story. Soon after takeoff they discover that the detectives Thomson and Thompson have accidentally stowed away onboard, putting a strain on the oxygen supply.

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The detectives accidentally turn off the nuclear motordisrupting the artificial gravity and sending everyone floating until Tintin corrects the problem. They then suffer a relapse of the Formula 14 drug seen in Land of Black Goldresulting in their hair growing rapidly in multiple colours, until Calculus subsequently administers a cure.

Haddock, who has smuggled whisky aboard the rocket, gets drunk and takes an impromptu spacewalkduring which he briefly becoming a satellite of the asteroid Adonis at which point, Avanture tintina online dating Calculus humorously says he will tell Earth that Adonis has a new satellite by the name of Haddock but Tintin is able to rescue him. The rocket lands in the Hipparchus Craterwith Tintin being the first human to step on the Moon.

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Next day, Calculus and Wolff set up optical instruments to begin observational work on the moon while Tintin and Haddock build the moon tank. Two days later, Haddock, Wolff and Tintin take the moon tank to explore some stalactite caves in the direction of the Ptolemaeus Crater ; inside Avanture tintina online dating cave Snowy slips into an ice-covered chasm, but Tintin rescues him.

Later aboard the ship, Tintin is overwhelmed by a third stowaway, Colonel Jorgena spy who had been smuggled aboard by Wolff, who has been blackmailed by a foreign power for which Jorgen works.

With Wolff's help, Jorgen seeks to hijack the ship and return it to Earth, but is foiled by Tintin through emergency sabotage that cuts power to the engine. Due to the strain on the oxygen supplies, the crew decides to abandon the moon tank and the optical instruments and to cut short the lunar stay.

The repair work is completed slightly ahead of schedule, and the rocket is cleared for lift-off. Halfway to Earth, Jorgen escapes his bonds thanks to the detectives' bungling and tries to kill Tintin and the others; Wolff seeks to prevent him, and in their struggle over a gun Jorgen is killed. When it is revealed that there will not be enough oxygen aboard for the crew to survive the journey, Wolff sacrifices himself by Avanture tintina online dating the airlock and floating out into space to his death.

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Upon approaching Earth, the crew fall unconscious, but Tintin wakes long enough to set the rocket to auto-pilot and it arrives back in Syldavia safely. A celebratory toast to victory turns into a disagreement between Professor Calculus and Captain Haddock over returning to the Moon, with the latter character arguing that "Man's proper place Jacobswho had recently had success with his own "Avanture tintina online dating" fiction comic, The Secret of the Swordfish — This version based Calculus' lunar expedition in a fictional location, Radio City, in the United States.

It featured a return of Professor Decimus Phostle, a character who had previously appeared in The Shooting Starbut this time Avanture tintina online dating an antagonist; Phostle had sold the secrets of the mission in order to attain funds to buy a diamond for the actress Rita Hayworth.

In broad outline, that was it. He took the model to Paris where he Avanture tintina online dating it to Ananoff, asking him if it was a realistic representation of what a moon rocket might look like. He and his assistants then used the model from which to accurately sketch when producing the comic. He and his wife Germaine went on holiday to Gland in Switzerland, before returning to Brussels in late September. Explorers on the Moon would resume after an eighteen-month hiatus, [30] returning in the 9 April issue, accompanied with a summary of the story so far.

In deference to these critics, for the published book version he added Wolff's line of "perhaps by some miracle I shall escape too", to make the scene seem a less obvious suicide.

Jean-Marc Lofficier and Randy Lofficier believed that the two-part story "belongs" to Calculus as his "cosmic vision moves the story forward".

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Explorers on the Moon was the second to be adapted in the second animated series; it was directed by Ray Goossens and written by Grega well-known cartoonist who was to become editor-in-chief of Tintin magazine.

"Avanture tintina online dating"a second animated series based upon The Adventures of Tintin was produced, this time as a collaboration between the French studio Ellipse and the Canadian animation company Nelvana. Explorers on the Moon was the fifteenth story to be adapted and was divided into two twenty-minute episodes.