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The 14th edition of Tirana International Film festival has marked a record number of 1, applications, taking into consideration that this year for the second time was applied TIFF Entry Fee for all participants, except Filmoteca vesela online dating films in Albanian language.

This high number of applications shows the high reputation that TIFF has achieved over the years with a cured selection with a rich artistic program.

Inflow from countries of the world of this edition prove in the best way, the echo that TIFF has spread as an independent festival with strong professional criteria. Official program TIFF had films in total, the highest number of films screened in a festival in Albani ever.

From the strongman to the top-class bodybuilder, to the veteran who has become a trainer, they all share the same definition and obsession with overcoming their limitations.

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They are waiting for the next competition, working hard in the gym and following extreme diets. Fado Young doctor Fabian travels to Lisbon to win back his ex-girlfriend Doro. While the two of them are gradually getting closer again, they are being haunted by their fears. Sammy is determined to bring Raffi back home. Since his mother is busy working and his sister Molly prefers to spend time with her boyfriend, he ventures out to start his search for Raffi alone.

He made a number of short films, including Kosovolove and La sphatte In Augusthis feature film Curling was presented at the Locarno International Film Festival, where it won the prize for best directing as well as the prize for best actor Emmanuel Bilodeau. Member of European Film Academy. As a Jury Member: The story is told in 20 sequences. The characters hunt for the truth unfolds only when they smoke. Every scene begins with protagonist lighting a cigarette and ends when they put it Filmoteca vesela online dating. Six years after returning from the Six Day War with a battle shock, Menashe realizes he will never be the man he used to be before the war.

The young family he created collapses due to his lack of communication with his wife, Daphna, and their little son, Shlomi. When the Yom Kippur War breaks out, and Menashe is sent again to the battle field, the small family crumbles to the dust. She has lost her contact with her family that she left in Iran when she immigrated to France when she was One night when she comes back home after an award ceremony, she receives a letter form her father calling her to Iran. As her entrance to her country is prohibited because of Filmoteca vesela online dating obscene scenes she took part in, she takes illegal ways to arrive her village in Iran.

A dangerous long journey full of patience, which she will travers on the garrons through the foggy and snowy mountains, starts for her. When she and her one-year-old son are thrown out of their apartment, they move in with Sophie, an old, immobile woman whose daughter has just employed Leta as a caretaker. In order to keep her job and their new roof, Leta has to keep Sophie alive at any cost. He wants to remain an honest man. The ethics board that reviewed his complaint about extortion now also wants its share of the action.

Filmoteca vesela online dating desperate anger, he shoots the banker and then himself. The incident sparks a major national debate on talk radio about how despair has taken over civil society.

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Meanwhile, five taxi drivers and Filmoteca vesela online dating passengers move through the night, each in hope of finding a brighter way forward — a new direction. He decides to turn the entire amount over to the police, and the state rewards him with a new wristwatch, but soon the new watch stops working. And here starts his desperate struggle to get his old watch back, as well as his dignity. One of the sisters has abandoned her love and the Filmoteca vesela online dating has been abandoned by hers….

But the traumas caused by the war, which his mother initially hides away from him, turn his world upside down. In the age of 15th he took his first piano lessons.

In the transitional period on his birth town, Ergys started to compose for the local artists. At the age of 18th he builds his firs left handed guitar and went to Italy. In Bologna he continued the studies per Cinematography Critic at the University of Bologna, Faculty of Lettere e Filosofia corso DAMS cinema mediologico, in the same time continued his passion for Filmoteca vesela online dating as autodidact. During the years of University he became acquainted with all the world cinema history, there he decided to develop his style as a film maker.

In was finally returned to Tirana, where besides the commitments for music he started the University of Arts, as the only chance to become a director in Albanian Cinematography.

In Bologna on independently tried to direct his first short film Ciak Movie where he will introduce all his cinematic influences. This was his first noir experiment. In the same year, he came Filmoteca vesela online dating his birth town to direct on the villages the documentary regarding to cannabis of the north of Albania Green Traffic. Ergys during the Academy years had had a recognition and appreciation from the cinematic world in Tirana, where immediately after finishing the academy won three projects at the Albanian National Center of Cinematography: During his creativity he won three cinematic awards, the last one was in TIFF Born in Israel in Graduate of the art at the Jerusalem Studio School Studies Film at the Tel Aviv University from International film festival coordinator at Go2Films since Hila have Participated in various productions of student films and was the Manager of the Israeli competition at the Tel Aviv International student film festival Laurent Rouy is a French author and journalist, based in Belgrade, Serbia, since EarlyLaurent Rouy met author and actor Arnaud Humbert.

After apocalyptic information leaks Filmoteca vesela online dating the sun going out, meaning the earth will get dark in eight minutes, forever, chaos covers the whole world except for Gia - a single man under sixty with a boring, poor life.

In this crazy moment he calls his son to ask how is he handling this situation, despite having a rare and cold relationship with him for a long while. Father hesitates to tell his son how the world is about to end and hangs up the phone. A woman in Filmoteca vesela online dating tattered wedding gown wakes in the forest to the sound of a deafening car horn.

She finds her husband in the crashed car nearby. In the wrecked interior, they start to talk about their relationship, which soon seems to be as demolished as their Saab.

An odd relationship is tested by circumstance, as they fumble their words in search of true meaning and an honest connection. The movie is the story of human life in the sewage systems in which people from upper floors make Filmoteca vesela online dating social environment dirty. It is early morning, back from a fishing trip. Lounes comes along with a jerrican of petrol in his hand. Up in the surrounding mountains, Rachid, a clandestine cab driver, is taking Ounissa, a young village girl to Tizi-Ouzou-sur-mer, along with a huge frozen fish.

In the evening, as our fish has reached the shore at last… Miracle! After his life has been turned upside down, Paul decides to fight back methodically.

But his moral compass seems to been challenged as he progresses through his plan, his checklist. How far will it lead him to?

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She is under the perverse psychological influence of her superior. But is it real or is it an hallucination caused by her anguish? A family of three are packing to emigrate to Canada from Belgrade.

Cortisol is one of the steroid hormones and is made in the adrenal glands. Under stressful conditions, cortisol provides the body with glucose by tapping into protein stores via gluconeogenesis in the liver.

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Long-term stress and elevated cortisol may also be linked to insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid disorders, dementia, depression. A woman, her doctor, a piano student, a man, his wife and a cat. What connects these people? After their wedding, a young couple has to discover love for the first time. The weight of tradition makes the first step painful, frightening, exciting and violent. Clashes involving impulses, traditions and feelings are expressed only by body language.

Harri is a lieutenant colonel in the Estonian army. Divorced, he only sees his year old son during school holidays. Harri decides to make up for lost time by going to an adventurous father-son winter trip to Filmoteca vesela online dating island.

Missing the last ferry, Harri decides to take a local ice road over the frozen sea. On the vast snowy desert past memories collide with the present.

After the death of their son, David and Elena try to keep the enthusiasm of living, even though they have to go to Lithuania. Hidden behind a telescope, Lone, a modern-day hermit falls in love with a quirky woman from the building opposite. He has to cross the threshold to finally meet her… Maybe tomorrow. Falling down Filmoteca vesela online dating to a personal tragedy may save a person from themselves.

Matti has drifted into a double life, unable of taking responsibility for his actions and their effects on those close to him.

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