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General anzeiger ahrweiler online dating


After much research, he believes the findings may explain the fate of two young soldiers. The historically low level of the Rhine may well bring to light a human drama that occurred in the battle for the bridge at Remagen in March of Archaeologist Oliver Kessler, who works at the University of Bonn and lives in Unkel, discovered the General anzeiger ahrweiler online dating of a Junkers Ju 87 a German dive bomber used during World War II along with an old flask while he was walking along the river near Unkel.

He also found some charred human bones, which he believes could have come from the two airmen who were in the plane. Nearby, there was also wreckage from two boats, likely to have been parts of the American pontoon bridge over the Rhine. Kessler, who is digging deeply into the events of early Marchsuspects that he has found the remains of a German plane that was shot down on March 8, near Unkel.

Both airmen were recorded as missing after that date.

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Kessler used both historical materials and the internet to do his research. Since one of the airmen was a private, and one a corporal, they were likely both very young. Kessler wants to make his findings available to the historical preservation authorities in Koblenz. He has also contacted the German Red Cross to provide information about the possible fate of the two soldiers. He is certain that the bones are human remains, coated with melted aluminum from the burning plane.

His past work as an archaeologist took him to lignite mines, where he was frequently confronted with human remains during excavations. He is also certain about the Junker aircraft, which is recognizable by the type of ventilation for the engine. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to old automobiles and airplane models.

At the time, the German Luftwaffe Air Force deployed their single-engine dive bombers Stukas with a pilot and a radio operator, who was also responsible for precision bombing during tactical missions. The goal in this case was to destroy the bridge at General anzeiger ahrweiler online dating, called the Ludendorff Bridge to prevent American troops from crossing the Rhine. There had been an attempt to blow up the bridge on March 7, but it was not destroyed.

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