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Gta easter eggs and secrets online dating


Crashed UFO at the bottom of the ocean - one of four flying saucers that you can encounter in the game. To find it, you are going to need a submarine. A crashed plane - At the bottom, you will find here a planewreck. A face - You can find here a face painted on the slope of Mount Chilliad. You can only admire it while flying, e. The saucer is only visible at 3 a. A ghost - On Mount Gordo, Between 11 a. Once you come close to the apparition, it will disappear.

If you search for information, about Lenora Johnson by finding 50 letter-scraps you solve the mystery of her murderon the web, you will find a link referring you to another story "Blood on the Rocks. Gta easter eggs and secrets online dating can learn from it about the allegations that Jock Cranley, who is a current candidate for senator in SA, murdered his wife by pushing her off the cliff. After you start a string of missions where you need to obtain celebrities' belongings, also Trevor is taken for Jock Cranley by a couple scavenging in the trashcan.

Thelma i Louise - arguably one of the best Easter Eggs around the game. When you are flying in this region around 7 p.

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Very high above the clouds. A stone and a poem - On one of the stones, you will find eights and a poem engraved - "One is done, Two was fun, Three tried to run, Four called mom, Five's not alive, Six is nix, Seven's in heaven, 8 won't "Gta easter eggs and secrets online dating." It is very high above the clouds.

There is some light inside, which is an allusion to the episode entitled Deus Ex Machina, where there light turned o after hitting the hatch. The Playboy residence - an exact copy of Hugh Hefner's residence. In the evening, you can find a lot of scarcely dressed girls at the back.

Graffiti in Chamberlain Hills - On one of the buildings, you can find a huge mural reading "Welcome Back - We missed you last time".

The person on the painting is wearing Grove Street Gang stripes. This is, of course, an allusion to GTA: Close to this one, you can also find a Nyan Cat graffiti, who is the main character in the famous meme and a YouTube movie.

Grand Theft Auto V is full of different references, secrets and curiosities. On the map you can find the most important things to see. Additionally, you can find much more subtle Easter eggs.

When Trevor drives somebody down, he sometimes grants himself with ten points.

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In the first game of series, every driven down pedestrian gave you ten points. Z-Type car which Franklin has to steal for Devin, and later can be bought for 10 millions of dollars, is a vehicle of Zaibatsu gang from GTA 2. When Michael get to his home, he may sometime say "Daddy's back, you bitches".

You can also find here many characters from the previous part of Grand Theft Auto. Johnny Klebitz is killed by Trevor when you meet him for the first time since prologue. Packie can be hired when you meet him in the random event and while making Epsilon missions, you run into Marnie. Choosing on your phone, which is a number of song identification in GTA IV you'll hear a modem Gta easter eggs and secrets online dating.

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Gta easter eggs and secrets online dating mission Derailed, where Trevor on the motorcycle has to jump onto the train, one of additional tasks is called "Better than CJ". It's a reference to the similar mission from San Andreaswhere CJ also had to race with a train. What is more, approaching it you may notice three persons riding bikes in the opposite directions.

It's a reference to one of first missions in SA where you, as CJ, followed the remaining duet. In-game you can find a lot of references to Gta easter eggs and secrets online dating game from Rockstar, which is Red Dead Redemption. On the bookshelf at Franklin's, you can find, among others, "Read Dead" written by J. Reference to other Rockstar title, L.

Noire, is The Elysian Fields Freeway. Game, in which Michael's son is playing, is a parody of all games similar to Call of Duty. In this game you can also find billboards advertising the new reality show, called Rehab Island. Its logo is very similar to the polish game logo - Dead Island. Rockstar references also to its direct rival, which is a series Saints Row.

While driving around you can hear citizens saying "City of Saints gonna struggle. Los Santos ain't in no trouble". Trevor's hideout in Floyd's apartment is almost Gta easter eggs and secrets online dating copy of Melanie's apartment, one of character from Jackie Brown by Quentin Tarantino.

Its very name is also a reference to agent The way Michael destroys house in which tennis trainer is hiding was used by Riggs in Lethal Weapon 2. If you choose a sneaky approach during the jeweler robbery, you'll have to steal exterminators car which has a sign "It's A Bug's Death" on the side. It's a reference to A Bug's Life. When you take a bus trip around the city, one of the stops is a city hall.

Guide will tell you that it was a place of final in the film Invasion: It's a reference to the Battle: The device with which Omega scans Franklin and using which Michael alien artifacts for Epsilon is similar to the device from Ghostbusters. On the generators in the whole San Andreas you can see a stick note informing that they generates 1. It's an energy required to power up Delorian in Return to the Future.

When you go to the cinema, you may see a trailer of Rise of the Planet of Apes. Obvious reference to the Planet of Apes. In the clothing shops you can buy, among others, vest of main character in Drive and clothes of Jack Torrance from The Shining. In the Prologue, you can find a frozen alien under the bridge through which train is coming. It's the first of many references to UFO you can find in this game. During the Predator mission, when Michael uses sniper rifle to find and kill O'Neill brothers, you can run into a Big Foot in the forest.

Property name Smoke on the Water is a reference to the famous song of Deep Purple with the same title.

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In the Lester's hideout you can find his figures collections. You can find also here parodies of popular social services. There is also a parody of MySpace, called MyRoom. When you get on its site myroomonline. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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