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We are especially glad that you are visiting us this summer, the summer when, on 1st July, Croatia becomes the 28th member of the European Union.

Because of this historical event, we have decided to largely devote this issue of our magazine to various current topics. If you prefer theatre, stay in Zagreb.

The central Imamo papu online dating of this issue relates to the Croatian monuments protected by UNESCO, and so we invite you to take a stroll through Croatian heritage. Hrvatski paviljon otvoren je do Veliki se gradovi u globaliziranom The Croatian pavilion will be open until 24 November Remarkable multiculturalism is what gives the capital of Belgium its unique charm. Although half of its citizens were born beyond the borders of Belgium, they have nevertheless found their home in Brussels, a hospitable and tolerant European city.

Not so long ago, it took three days to travel from one part of Europe to another on the legendary train the Orient Express. As its name suggests, the international festival of new theatre EUROKAZ has always focused on Europe, and as such it has been instrumental in the immersion of Croatia into the European cultural environment. Imali smo mjerila, njih okoza otvaranje i zatvaranje gotovo svih poglavlja. Projekti regionalnog razvoja, razvoja ljudskih potencijala, poljoprivrede i obnovljivih izvora energije, svi su istodobno i projekti razvoja turizma.

Dubrovnik je svjetski brend. This means that one Imamo papu online dating most important historical goals has been achieved and one of the most demanding Croatian projects completed. We have also found Imamo papu online dating why she believes that Croatia is increasingly becoming the ideal place to visit for culture and a particular lifestyle and which places she personally likes visiting and why.

From a historical perspective, this is a turning point in our development. We have managed to achieve a political consensus on that, we have kept it alive for nearly a decade and we have stayed fully focused on the efforts to achieve that goal. During the year long period of independence we have achieved four strategic goals: The achievement of these strategic goals is the foundation on which we will build a successful future for our citizens.

The European Union membership opens numerous possibilities and it will be up to us to make the most of them, through good preparation and projects, using our own knowledge and skills. I am convinced that we can do that. Is it Imamo papu online dating view that the challenge has actually given us an additional value, and if it did, what does it entail?

That, in my view, was the biggest value of the negotiating process.

We had to open a total of 35 chapters, unlike any of the other states that joined during previous accession cycles. We had a separate chapter called judiciary, which no other state before us had to deal with. We had a total of opening and In the process, we have acquired knowledge and experience and this, I would say, is our added value.

Previous enlargement cycles unfolded under totally different circumstances. The economy was buoyant and both the old and new Imamo papu online dating states were full of enthusiasm and optimism with regard to the enlargement. We see our accession and our membership as enlargement with a mission, the mission being to contribute to the stabilisation of the entire region and to actively cooperate with our neighbours and help them with their European reforms.

What does European Union membership means for Croatia in that sense? Smart and well designed tourist projects will have access to EU funds which can be allocated to individual entrepreneurs, companies, local and regional administrations and the central Imamo papu online dating.

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Regional development projects, the development of human resources, investment in agriculture and renewable energy sources are all projects that help towards the development of tourism. EU membership means more safety for foreign investors and a lower investment risk.

All of this increases the opportunities for the development of a more varied and higher quality tourist supply, a higher number of 4 and 5-star hotels, as well as other tourist-related facilities and services which include culture, sport, science, health, education and other forms of active and dynamic tourism.

Croatia Airlines has the potential to play a major role in the regional promotion of Croatia by way of establishing links with all the capitals in this part of Europe. The possibility of connecting the islands which already have small runways with small planes which will use one of the coastal airports as their base is also a development potential which should not be ignored.

Flexibility, innovativeness and competitiveness are, in my view, the three. How are we going to facilitate the arrival of numerous guests from Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and others who could previously visit Croatia without a visa? We started discussing that with our non-European Union partners over a year Imamo papu online dating. As you have said Imamo papu online dating yourself, those are partners from Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and others.

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Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, together Imamo papu online dating representatives of other Croatian ministries, representatives of the industry and professional associations, tour operators, travel agencies, hoteliers and others discussed the matter with partner organizations from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and others in order to help us prepare for the new conditions, i.

We are currently in the process of introducing an on-line visa application system which means that the only time a passenger will have to come to the consulate or a visa centre is when their visa is ready to be issued. We will apply the same model in Ukraine.

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