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Adding a useful informatin to your video files — such as title, authors, the date of production, and some description — can be quite helpful to both yourself and your customers. This additional data — or meta data — can be used by media players to organize your many video files. "Mo4 online dating," while adding such meta data to audio files is straightforward, Mo4 online dating useful meta data to video Mo4 online dating is … a nightmare.

Kdenlive allows you to specify the meta information that should be added to a rendered file. For your convenience, Kdenlive automatically adds the following four elements to each new project:. Unfortunately, there are competing sets of meta data when working with MP4 containers. The older, standard MP4 set is rather limited in what additional meta data can be used. Then, there is Apple iTunes, and that brings in a lot of meta data, and even changes the allowed set from time to time.

We will come back to this difference in a second. Unfortunately, information about what meta data can be used in which situation is rather scarce, sometimes outdated, and sometimes plainly wrong.

Finally, please note that other container formats, such as Matroska. The following references give some more background information on ffmpeg and meta data in. I do not want to edit the headers via too much calculations, as the answer suggests. WhatsApp does a smart thing. I tried loads of -loop and stream loop commands. I wish to add some parameter to the above command or maybe run a separate command so that the output mp4 file has that. I checked the most recent moveenc.

I highly recommend consulting the ffmpeg forum for your question; it might be even better to file a feature request or issue with the ffmpeg project.

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Only after ffmpegs adds support for the LOOP atom with a corresponding metadata key!! But you need ffmpeg supporting this. Dump and Load metadata with ffmpeg by Jon Hall is dead, but available on internet archives:.

Your email address will not be published. For your convenience, Mo4 online dating automatically adds the following four elements to each new project: See below for more Mo4 online dating. Use a date element instead. Oh, this year element is actually quite pesky: So simply ignore it … as ffmpeg does too. But there are more elements that you actually may use with your MP4 containers.

But now for the real meat: Ffmpeg supports different meta data elements, based on the Mo4 online dating of container. And this container type normally gets derived from the container filename suffix ending: Please note that the ffmpeg documentation is totally wrong here, there is no key named yearbut only date.

This element can also be left out or be the same name as the artist.

For a synopsis, please see the separate element instead. String desc Comment comment A short comment on your video. This will probably a comment set by the audience, not at the time of production. String ldes Genre Mo4 online dating The genre this video belongs to. In contrast to the album elment, grouping happens inside that is, below the album level.

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If necessary, use the separate, yet optional episode number element for correct sorting. It allows numerical sorting of episode names that are strings, but not necessarily numbers. Instead, you need to resort to other video Mo4 online dating tagging tools, such as AtomicParsley. First, and foremost, the ffmpeg source code for reference, and moveenc. This article finally got me on the right track.

Dump and Load Mo4 online dating with ffmpeg by Jon Hall. Sheds more light on how to work with meta data when it comes to ffmpeg. FFmpeg Metadata article from the MultimediaWiki.

VP on January 11, at Hi, Is it possible to add some custom atom in the header of a video file? More information can be found here: Just opening the video file using any text editor shows the file header and atoms. The DiveO on January 11, at 7: Steve Jagodzinski on October 24, at 3: Dump and Load metadata with ffmpeg by Jon Hall is dead, but available on internet archives: Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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