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After finishing my diploma thesis about multigrid methods, I founded two companies. One was specialized on the educational sector and the other in computational fluid dynamics.

My thesis has been supervised by Susanne Prediger. This allows me to combine my experiences in mathematics, mathematics didactics and applications of mathematics as a teacher as well as a scientist.

STACK allows me to model and Naturwissenschaften 5 klasse online dating didactically advanced digital exercises, to Naturwissenschaften 5 klasse online dating individual exercise sheets with randomized items to each of my students, to automatically check and comment on submissions of my students including an individual, automated feedback this is called Smart Training here and - finally - to undertake research with respect to digital exercises in real teaching and learning environments.

I support this trend and use Smart Training see above to free my exercises two hours a week from presenting and working on merely routine based tasks. The combination of Smart Training and Deep Learning with the aim to foster both algebraic skills and deeper understanding raises a body of research questions. These linear videos don't take care of different prerequisites of learners so that every student has to look for the learning video which fits to his or her special demands and educational background.

For examples, have a look at senioren chat kostenlos ohne anmeldung and contact me if you want to become a partner in this project of interactive learning video production. Next steps in the project are the integration of learning units for the technical language target groups are refugees, exchange students and students who want to start a study in Germanythe combination with STACK in terms of creating an intelligent tutoring system ITS and of course to work on all the research questions which arise from interactivity and the described concept "all in one for all".

The NMC Horizon Reports and in particular regard problem-based learning PBL as a method that facilitates deep learning and appropriately prepares students for "Naturwissenschaften 5 klasse online dating" requirements of today's world of work of engineers. STEM-World represents the environment in which mathematics didactics, mathematics and ingeneering sciences are intertwined and all facets of the course come together, which, in addition to internally differentiating learning videos see abovealso consists of the promotion of mathematically correct notation and the refreshment of basic mathematics.

Research and Teaching Focus 1. Smart Training digital exercises best online dating site china Today digitalization has reached a sophisticated stage so that we may question to what extend intelligent digital exercises are able to substitute traditional learning settings. Interactive Learning Videos H5P partnervermittlung klassisch Nowadays learners spend a lot of private learning time on watching learning videos presented on YouTube.

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Working Group on Digital Pedagogy 2. Fields of interests christian dating websites reviews uk We are interested in all kinds of digitalization in education on a small as well as on a large scale with special emphasize on digital exercises, interactive learning videos and the combination of both in terms of intelligent tutoring systems ITS. Projects and Grants Lernvideo 2. Klaus Stiller University of RegensburgDr.

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