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Nici macar cea mai bine-intentionata organizatie din lume nu poate "trai" doar cu aer! Asociatia noastra nu are alte surse de finantare in afara contributiilor membrilor si sustinatorilor sai. Carti despre fertilitate, reproducere asistata, adoptie, sarcina, parenting - disponibile spre imprumut.

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Proiect paneuropean, sute de povesti impresionante ale familiilor care au invins infertilitatea. Blog, forum, newsletter, info flash, baze de date, pagini si grupuri pe retele sociale Rezolutie a Parlamentului European, European Parliament resolution on the demographic future of Europe Name in original language: October 19 There are no other similar organizations in Romania.

Participa tion in Test de fertilitate online dating the ART draft law. Outstanding dissemination in the press in connection to the infertility phenomenon.

Website, forum, newsletter, info flash. SOS Infertilitatea support group — bimonthly meetings of patients affected by infertility, coordinated by a psychologist. Annual budget in was 0 zero. Income sou rces — breakdown of income. The association members and volunteers created both illustrations and promo materials pro bono.

Prizes, Awards and Participations: Current biggest challenge — to achieve a legal framework regarding infertility and human assisted reproduction in Romania. After almost three years of intense activity of our Association, for the first time in Romania the authorities believe infertility is a serious matter and an actual action program has been proposed. A national IVF program will be implemented in and and the couples that need IVF will benefit of compensation from the health insurance funds for one IVF attempt.

It Test de fertilitate online dating not enough, but it is a beginning, a huge step, especially because we started from 0 and we must not forget the financial crisis that imposed budgetary austerity. For the hypofertile couples in Romania, it is already a victory! Autonomy of Choice vs. Unavailability Test de fertilitate online dating the Human Body [1]: France and Romania offer two substantially different frameworks regarding bioethics.

As of today, the French parliament has voted two major bioethics laws the first one inan updated version inand a second revision of this law is being prepared since The existing legal framework encompasses the definition of the "Test de fertilitate online dating" and financed Medically assisted procreation it also strictly regulates who can access itit defines filiation norms for babies born as a result of MAP, it allows pre-natal and pre-implantation diagnosis in very specific conditionsit forbids surrogacy, it forbids research on embryos, it forbids human cloning.

Dignity of the human being and unavailability of the human body are the main legal principles the law refers to. Romania offers a contrasting situation.

There is no law regulating Medically assited procreation, there is no law regarding surrogacy which is, by default, allowedthere is no law on embryo research. The law on organ transplant, as well as the legal provisions regarding aboriton, are the only existing legal frameworks in the area of bioethics.

There have been attempts to legislate most notably in but the law on human reproduction was vetoed by the president and definitely rejected by the constitutional court. More recently, a law project was introduced in parliament but received a number of negative recommendations from the government, and the legal commission.

A new attempt — initiated by a member of parliament who is also a member of the parliamentary health Test de fertilitate online dating, with the support of a non-governmental organization and of an academic — is in progress, although still rather confidential at this point in time.

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Surrogacy, for instance, is allowed in all the project laws that have been drafted so far. In terms of principles, autonomy of the person thus seems to have the upper hand.

Beyond these obvious discrepancies between the French and the Romanian contexts one being totally regulated by law, the other lacking formal regulation in most respects, and being characterized by the former as a component of the procreation tourism business prejudicial to human dignity in general, and to its citizens in particularit is useful to Test de fertilitate online dating and to compare the processes at work towards the elaboration of a response — however partial — to emerging bioethics issues in those two countries.

The country was, for all intents and purposes, sealed off from the rest of the world, and from a large number of technological revolutions. I will come back to the relevance of this communist regime — Test de fertilitate online dating of its very particular rules on human Test de fertilitate online dating rights — in the second part of this communication.

What are those steps leading to an articulate response to bioethical issues? Inthe first IVF baby was born in Clamart hospital. By then, a number of crucial changes had taken place in terms of sexuality and procreation: The restrictions on sexuality were partially lifted, the progressive separation between sexuality, procreation, and parenthood was becoming possible and acceptable. In this context, the first phase in the constitution of a bioethical framework was thus:.

O ne of experimentation with no or few rulesin the face of novelty, in the face of the medical and technological promise of providing solutions to infertility.

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Associated with what appeared as an incredible panel of opportunities, was a feeling of general felicity in the face of technological and medical progress.

Test de fertilitate online dating, synonymous of the human ability to accomplish technological wonders in modern times, reached one of its peaks.

In Romania, this phase can be identified in the years Although surrogate mothers in France originally seemed to be part of this panel of possibilities, the organizations that put them in contact with women who could not go through with a pregnancy for physiological reasons were forbidden by the courts on the grounds that surrogacy corrupted the institution of adoption because it organized abandonment of a child. On a different matter, the question of the filiation of IVF children was raised when some men contested their obligations as fathers.

In Romania, "Test de fertilitate online dating" 66 year-old woman gave birth to a baby in Januaryafter a long process involving hormonal treatments and IVFs using donor eggs and sperm. Presented as one of the oldest mothers in the world, she symbolized the capacity of Romanian medicine to catch up with Western medicine. Public outrage, or at least bewilderment, followed these new situations. The absolute and necessarily appropriate or benevolent power of medicine and of technological advances was questioned.

How should progress be defined? Where should the line be drawn? In France, the National Consultative Committee on Ethics had been created inand had been calling for a law to regulate the field of assisted human reproduction. Doctors were increasingly uneasy with the social dimensions of their work. Part of the medical profession, the orthodox church, part of the commentators condemned this use of biomedical techniques and called for the state to step in.