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Find me a good


I have been single for seven years now looking for a companion and life partner to share my life with. I know you did not intend us to live our lives alone.

Please look down upon me with the love in your heart and allow me to find someone to share my love and life with. I have been a good person and have always tried tthe best I can to help others in this world and lead a Christian life. I am tired of being alone I have so much love in my heart to share and give please hear my prayer. Dear God, I am praying for a great man to love and be a life partner for this person. Lord, I feel the same way. I am in need for a great man.

Someone who I can care for and he do the same for me. I want to feel loved by a great man. I know he is out there for "Find me a good."

Jesus lead him into my arms, heavenly father let us both feel the same connection once we see Find me a good or meet one another. I am a good women who is responsible, caring and very respectful and faithful women. Dear God, Please I pray to you find me someone special who loves me for who I am.

I am a great women, partner, faithful and respectful. Bring him to my life now. I would like to get remarried, have a role model for my boys and have a husband who will also be my friend.

I have a great family and friends. Lord bring him in my path and in my way now. Dear Lord, Help me find the partner of my life someone who will love and cherish me. I will do the same back. He is no longer in our lives. Help guide him back to us or find me a Great man with a sense of humor. Dear Lord, I have been hurt too many times from my ex husband Lord, I need you to find me a good faithful respectful man in my life now.

I am willing and ready for a serious relationship. I am missing out on Find me a good loved by a great man. Someone who cherishes me and loves me. I do not go out much.

Bring this man to me on my everyday path through life. I pray for you to send me a great man. I pray for my husband to want to change. I pray that my husband fall in my love with me again. I pray for my husband to come home and be with his wife. GOD you know it, you see me crying all the time because of them.

I try to move on and find someone else but it seems that I always attract those kind of men, those kind of men who makes me Find me a good special at first but then they turn my life into a living hell by lying to me, cheating on me, hiding things from me, disrespecting me, humiliating me, taking me for granted. Please GOD, I beg of you in Jesus Name, give me a good man, "Find me a good" honest, loyal and faithful, who will never cheat on me, someone intelligent and who will understand me completely for once so that I may be happy for real and always.

I pray that we can build a family together and always stay in love under your protection. Oh GOD almighty please hear my prayer. Please GOD I beg of you, make me meet that person. Show me the way I should go, lead me in the right path. Heavenly father and my dearest lord Jesus,i need a husband of my choice.

This time i want the man choosen by you to approach me and be honest in love and respect and accept me the way i am. Abba Father,loving Jesus You are our provider, nurturer. I praise You and glorify You and I love you a lot. Please hear my prayer and work a miracle for my daughter…Please bless my daughter with a loving,godfearing life partner. Lord you chosen a man for her to spend her life with him lovingly.

Please Abba Father and Jesus help my daughter to meet him and help Find me a good get married…also Abba Father …Jesus help financially to get her married.

I will always glorify Your name. Dear God, I am praying again and again for a faithful man. I have not meet anyone special. They are all so full of games I want to meet the man you have in store for me. I have high standards but am flexible to meeting my man. Bring him in my path today. Lord, allow me to receive a man like you.! In a cruel world I still have so much love to give. Lord, continue to guide me, heal me and work on me.

Lord please send me a righteous man. A strong, respectable and hard working man.

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In jesus name I pray, Amen. Sweet Lord Jesus,bless me with a wonderful man to come into my life.

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My daughter wishes to have a good dad one day. Someone thats going to respect us ,treat us with lots of love, we so need it. Someone that will love me and only me and not have wondering eyes …. For him to love me Find me a good i am.

Im a good person with lots of love to share. Bless me now my Lord Jesus. Father…I humbly ask you to allow my daughter, Candace to find a good man. She Find me a good a young mother with 2 children. She is a good mother, Lord, but she needs the help of a good man. Father, send a man that will love my daughter and her kids unconditionally and make them a part of his loving family.

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Father, allow my daughter and her kids to come to know and love him as their family. In your Holy Name I pray. I Find me a good in the name of Jesus. If he is Lord show me a sign because i am not sure how to feel or what to do. But ready to move on and finally be happy. The good sign is that he approached me first and not the other way around. In my heart i want to take my time to see what happens.

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But i feel i should take step back to give him space to figure things out. God knows best and i Find me a good wait on his answer. Dear God, Please guide me teach me the way into a healthy relationship. I have dated a couple of times no one has step up to say I would like to ask you to be my girl. After being married for so long I hate being alone I cry at times. I want the feeling of being loved as a women and wife.

LORD bring this special person to me. I have felt alone for 37 years, never married, no children.

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