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Casting out demons homosexual discrimination

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Dean is in his late 40s, with a wife and a grown-up daughter. He loves his family deeply. It is incredibly rare to interview someone who has recently been through this process in Britain, let alone someone who has also led the sessions himself. Dean tells me that until his early 20s, he had lived as a gay man, even campaigning for equal rights. But after converting to Christianity around the age of 22, he began intensive therapy to try to turn himself straight.

The groups involved confessions, prayers, and the burning of any photographs, music and other belongings which were associated with his Casting out demons homosexual discrimination past.

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Dean was told if he fell back into old habits, the demon would return — this time accompanied by seven others. Eventually, Dean began helping to lead the sessions himself. ITV News understands that tomorrow Britain's largest ever survey of LGBT people will reveal that thousands of people have either been through conversion therapy or been offered it.

The methods are legal, unregulated and — as we found - easily available.

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But I understand the government is set to announce proposals to eradicate conversion therapy as part of its LGBT Action Plan, with the details still to be decided.

That angers a small minority who argue that gay people should be free to seek therapy if they wish to.

Last week I travelled to Northern Ireland to meet one of them. Mike Davidson calls himself "ex-gay". On the contrary, three years ago the NHS and all the major clinical bodies in the UK signed a Memorandum of Understanding stating that conversion therapy is unethical and potentially harmful.

October 2019

Mr Davidson has been struck off the register for his work and has no medical qualifications, despite calling himself a doctor in reference to a PhD in education. We Casting out demons homosexual discrimination living in a society now that is turning very much against Christian values.

The answer is that almost nobody would seek such help. The very idea of conversion therapy is predicated on the fact that being gay is undesirable and less valuable than being straight.

The Church of England has itself expressed grave concerns about the stigma such therapies create. Last year, its General Synod called for a government ban on conversion therapy. The Church is divided over the details, but the vote was pretty resounding. A worshipping Christian herself, she will now have to devise a way to navigate the complex religious sensitivities involved. Three years ago he took the brave decision to leave his ministry and come out as gay.

Studies have linked it to depression, anxiety, self-harm and an increased risk of suicide.

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