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Driving a man crazy sexually


He lies on his back on the bed and you spread his arms and legs.

2. Afternoon Delight

You then straddle him, facing his feet. Use your feet to pin down his wrists and put your hands on his thighs, for support and to play dominatrix.

Place your hand, palm up, under his testicles, then, with the other hand, use your thumb and index finger to make a fairly tight ring at the top of the scrotum. His testicles will then rest in your palm. A slight downward tug feels exquisite for him, along with fondling and massaging. Stand in front of a mirror and curl your tongue up so the tip of it touches the roof of your mouth. Now move into a tongue curl: Follow with a tongue stretch: Finally, try to touch your nose then Driving a man crazy sexually chin.

Repeat each set times.

It might be ball play, a finger inserted up his bottom, tweaking or biting a nipple, hearing you talk dirty, watching porn, being tied up…. This move will make him dynamite at giving you oral sex.

Simply position him so his head is at right angles to your body.

Anal play has skipped from being something only adventurous couples did to something most couples now experiment with. If the whole thing freaks you out a little, start with a unisex butt plug: Tracey has two product ranges, Supersex for women click here and Edge for men click here.

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