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Sda views on homosexuality


This paper was originally conceived in as a Sda views on homosexuality challenge from my mentors at Loma Linda University. It does not necessarily convey the views of the Seventh-day Adventist church, affiliates, any particular Seventh-day Adventist congregation or employee. I cannot identify you further, but you know who you are! And a special portion of gratitude is extended to my spouse, Michael. Thank you for living the creed that Christianity is about "falling in love" with the love and loving of Jesus.

This paper is dedicated to Seventh-day Adventist pastors, educators, health care professionals, and informed laity that continue to risk their careers, reputations, and livelihood on behalf of gay and lesbian Adventists throughout the world.

Even when we are forced to worship and fellowship together clandestinely, I know our prayers are heard. You have my heartfelt appreciation, thanksgiving and respect. An American Adventist Perspective. The Bible and Homosexual Behavior. Adventist Doctrine and Homosexuality. The Science of Homosexuality: Can It Be Changed? Can It Be Recruited.

An Adventist Response to Homosexuality. A Final Few Thoughts. Is there any tribe, race of nationality whom you cannot embrace? Are you Sda views on homosexuality from any person or family?

In Seventh-day Adventism, homosexual behaviour...

Do you hold a grudge against your spouse or parent or child? Can you praise God, from who all blessing flow, without blessing your neighbor?

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