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Loving you letter to my love


I desire to make you mine and get to feel your subtle touch; your pretty lips and all your body. I want you to showered me with care and love as you express your feelings for me.

And I wish we will always be together forever and until the end of time. I love you so much more than you could ever imagine. Fate brought you Loving you letter to my love me and as our lives entwined was just by fate too. Having found you and loving you makes my life worth living, since I now live for you, my love. And I will always love you better than I did yesterday and today.

I love you dearly. From your compassionate heart to your glowing face, your charming smile, your pretty Loving you letter to my love — I love everything. All I craved for is see and make you feel better and happier each and every day. I love you beyond words. I love your charming and sweet voice; I love your glowing and friendly smile and your beautiful eyes. Ever since you came into my life, I never stop reminiscing about you and your love, as you now mean so much more than you could ever imagine.

I never envisaged that I could meet someone as beautiful and amazing as you, my dear. I love you so much. Hi Dear, Ever since I met you, the joy and happiness within my heart knows no boundaries as each time spent together was awesome and amazing.

Being with you fills my heart with happiness, and your tender touch send chills down my spine. I feel loved each time you gently touch me and there is an increasing craving for you whenever you touch me.

I love you to the moon and back. Dearly Beloved, Reminiscing about our journey together so far, the life we have lived in the past and every ideas that we have shared together. No two persons could ever have loved me the way you do, because you loved me when no one else Loving you letter to my love. And I feel very lucky to have been loved by someone so special and beautiful like you. Hello Dearest, The first time I saw you and Loving you letter to my love came into my life was a dream come true for me.

There have been times in my life when I have sat down and wondered truly; what good did I do to deserve someone so special like you? The first time I held your hands in mine, I was filled with unexplainable feeling of love within me.

I cherish you forever. Hi Sweetheart, I know there are days whereby you sit and wonder about how much I love you and what you mean to me. Before I met you, life was miserable and sadness. And with you now, life is full of expectancies, adventures and pleasurable experiences. Hello Dear, The warm fuzzies during the summer reminds me of you and your love. Being with you makes me whole as the joy that comes with being together is peerless to any other that I have ever known.

I can envision you and I aging gracefully together and yet crazily in love with each other.

Love Letters for Girlfriend

The reality that you make me feel like this, makes you so unique and beautiful to me. Hello Dear, Having you in my life now is a fact that all my dreams will definitely come true. Being with you fills my heart with happiness, and the first time I held your hands in mine, I was filled with unexplainable feeling of love within me. I feel loved each time you tenderly care and gently touch me. I know that they might be someone better than me, you will Loving you letter to my love be the best person for me anytime and any day.

Without you, my life will be miserable and I will only be just a wayfarer. With you life is full of expectancies and pleasurable experiences. You have made my life so much simpler and easier than before I met you, and brought out the best in me. Hello Love, The moment I saw you from afar off, something within me knew that very minute that you would be a special person who would make me love and smile again. I knew there was amity and Loving you letter to my love in your heart, as you had tender and warm look on your glowing smiling face.

And the love that your company gives me is sometime too good to be true.

You are my reason to...

Hi Dear, I count myself as a very lucky person on this planet earth, because I found and have someone so special like you! Much more fortunate, "Loving you letter to my love" most times I get to receive and read your love letters and notes which are unequalled in admiration, affection and passion. Come rain or sunshine, you will always be my special lover, and I will cherish and adore you with every breath in me.

Hello Sweetheart, I can still recall very well and clearly that moment when we first met and you later became mine. And you took my breath away with your radiant glowing face and your charming smiles. Dearly Beloved, Lying down on the sofa, I found myself reminiscing about us late at night. Our journey together has been such a beautiful and amazing sailing, the type that none of us never thought we will be able to cruise it through.

I will always triumph over any difficulties and make it through any challenges that might come our way because I have you. I love you tenderly. I used to think true love is a myth, but after meeting you I now discovered that true love is an amazing present that can ever be bestowed upon someone. Hello Love, Each night when you go to sleep, I usually stay up late listening to your heartbeat. The sound its produce makes me feel better and safe, and I find solace being with you.

Each and ever yone of us has different challenges we are facing on a daily basis, but being with you gives me the bravery to face my fears and make it through it all.

And loving you has propelled me to see the world in another perspective. With you, I know how it feels to be loved by someone in a way that surpasses every human understanding.

The love that runs through my heart for you exceed every other feeling that I have every felt for anyone else. Hi Sweetheart, Often times I find Loving you letter to my love reminiscing about when we had just met and the times we have spent being together.

You are my reason to...

And it was your glowing smiling face that I first fell in love with even before I get a chance to meet and talk to you. Hi Dear, The thought that I have to be away from you even for a single day is an excruciating thinking.

Each passing day, my love for you keeps growing and being far away from you causes me so much pain. There is no words to describe how much I love you and no words will be enough for me to tell you how much Loving you letter to my love mean to me. Having you in my life is the biggest gift that God has blessed me with. Hi Love, Having you in my life gave me the satisfaction of experiencing and enjoying life completely, with nothing to be anxious about in the world.

Ever since you came into my life and I have you, I never want to let go of you and your love. I vow to never treat you badly but always be there for you whenever you need me.

Hello Sweetheart, I once heard that love is a game — a game which involves giving Loving you letter to my love taking and are also meant for those who understands this. But with you, it has been a different ball game entirely.

Dearly Beloved, Sitting here on the sofa, I was looking for words that can describe what I truly feel for you as I felt I was short of words. From the moment I found you and you came into my life, my life has never been the same as ever as you make me feel whole.

Hi Dear, Within the depth of my heart are amazing and beautiful memories of me and you.

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