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Rock songs about faith


FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song. My mother didn't see it coming when my 5-year-old nephew looked at her with big doe eyes and asked, " Nana, do you know God? She replied that she had heard of Him, then changed the subject.

People rarely keep religion to themselves. They talk about spirituality with others whether it's welcomed or not. They broadcast their beliefs on bumper stickers and t-shirts. And yes, they certainly sing about it. While we all know what to expect from a gospel song, you might not expect faith to infuse pop, rock, and country songs as much as it does. But listen closely because it's there. Popular Rock songs about faith are no exception to prosthelizing. There is plenty of prayer, witnessing for Christ, and talking to God in secular music.

Rock songs with positive faith...

Make a playlist of inspirational secular songs about God, faith and church, if that's the way you roll. And if not, then make this an intellectual challenge to see how many of these pop, rock, and country songs you've heard of.

We won't judge, either way. Carrie Underwood is no stranger to mixing her music with her religion. She grew up singing in chuch. This crossover hit won a Grammy and topped both the country and Christian charts. It describes the change that took place in a young woman's life after she was baptized. In this country song, a narrator recalls an influential old man from his childhood who was a faithful follower of Christ.

The man has recently died, leaving the narrator to reflect on life and the everafter:. I can't quote the Book The chapter or the verse You can't tell me it all ends In a slow ride in a hearse.

Look for some thought-provoking questions in this Rock songs about faith song by Joan Osborne, a one-hit wonder. It'll make you think about how you treat other people. The underlying message is that God is in us all, imperfect as we may each be. The narrator in this rock song sees God on a street corner and confronts Him about not being there "Rock songs about faith" tragedies struck.

He feels abandoned and is searching for answers about why bad things happen to good people. Country singer Reba McEntire puts her faith front and center with this song.

It urges others who are experiencing heartbreak, disappointment, and life tragedies to give the world back to God. Reba divorced her husband of 26 years in lateand he began a serious relationship with one of her couple's friends. The narrator in this hard rock song from seeks forgiveness and a break with the sins of the past.

He regrets past actions and wants a clean slate: If you don't go to church, this country song may make you want to. The narrator acknowledges that she has cussed, cheated, and lied but finds redemption when she listens to country music. Call her spiritual but not religious. In this country song, the narrator is looking forward to the day he "Rock songs about faith" shed the early struggles and pain that have been weighing him down in this life.

He hopes that when he meets his Maker, he will sing with the angels, see his loved ones that have passed on, and stand in the light forever.

When my daughter was born, I felt transformed because I wasn't just living for myself anymore.

I had another person depending on me for survival and mentoring. The birth of one's first child is an awe-inspiring, life changing event, and this rock song Rock songs about faith a Grammy Award for good reason. It portrays a new father's earnest prayer to teach his child how to embrace the world with arms wide open.

The narrator in this country song recounts meeting and getting to know a physically disabled child who was selfless in that he prayed for everyone but himself. His faithful devotion to God showed her the truth. Wyonna Judd gets choked up when she sings this touching country song.

It was first recorded by Christian rock group MercyMe and crossed over to mainstream charts. The tune describes the hopeful wondering Rock songs about faith what it will be like when the narrator stands before God:.

Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel? Will I dance for You Jesus, or in awe of You be still? Will I stand in Your presence, or to my knees will I fall? Will I sing "hallelujah," will I be able to speak at all? I can only imagine. Driving home on a snowy night with her infant in the backseat, a young mother loses control of her car.

Fortunately, they both survive the incident, and she credits Jesus for steering her to safety. Immediately following the harrowing event, she recommits herself to Christ, letting Him take the wheel in steering her life.

This country ballad was Carrie Underwood's first single on her debut album, and it won two Grammy Awards. Carrie Underwood was the winner of the fourth season of American Idol competition. The Christian rock band Needtobreathe achieved this crossover hit in with this heartfelt tune.

It describes the loving kinship that exists between fellow human beings—a comraderie that mirrors God's love for humanity:. This uplifting rock song from is a prayer in which the narrator asks God to show him a sign. He asks that the Holy Spirit's light shine down on him from heaven and teach him the way.

In a sad irony, the shooter in the Virginia Tech Massacre reportedly listened to this song obsessively and even scrawled some of its lyrics on his dorm room wall. Allowing that tragedy to be this song's legacy "Rock songs about faith" the pure and spiritual message of this lovely song. Rock songs about faith

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In this country song, a new father leaves the hospital where his daughter was just born and sees the fingerprints of God everywhere. Viewing the sunset and a flower pushing up through the cracks of a sidewalk, he sees the entire world through a brand new lens.

This inspirational song became an international hit and has been recorded by over different artists thus far. Pure praise music, it has since become a contemporary hymn. The song is one of worship in which the narrator praises God, in awe of the strength that He provides to cope with life's burdens. This hopeful pop song released in depicts God watching our troubled world from a distance.

It celebrates the peace, harmony, and hope that await us in His kingdom where there are no guns, violence, bombs, hunger, or disease. Does Jesus even drink beer? The guy Rock songs about faith this country song imagines that He does.

Secular pop, rock, and country...

He further wonders what it would be like to Rock songs about faith a couple rounds of cold ones with Him, then rattles off a list of questions that he would ask, including. According to the tale relayed in this country song, a farmer, a teacher, a hooker, and a preacher are strangers bound for Mexico on an ill-fated tour bus. Each has different purposes for taking the journey, but three of them have their lives cut short when the bus is in an accident. Only the prostitute survives.

In a hopeful twist, the preacher spends his dying moments placing a bloodstained Bible in the woman's hands.

This act changes her life.

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