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cissexuality definition: Noun (plural cissexualities)...

Cissexuality a parody Cissexuality one of those "sympathetic" Sunday magazine articles about trans people - but with a twist Stories about cissexuals seem to dominate the press at times. But how much do we really know about the cissexual community in Britain today?

Cissexuality decided to delve further into this most-misunderstood section of the SC Straight Cissexual community, and to look at the human face behind the headlines. At first sight, Alex might be any thirty-something career "Cissexuality."

Cisgender is a term for...

Cissexuality for one thing Alex is a Cissexuality. Maybe I was just born in the right body? I used to play football with them sometimes, that kind of thing.

But I also liked playing with dolls. In fact, my closest friends around that time were cissexual.

Some of them used to tell me that gender was nothing but a social construct, but no Cissexuality had any problem with my identifying as a woman. After all, most of them did too!

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I really thought Steve was my Happy Ever After. But all the time they were together, Alex was nursing a Cissexuality. Steve was trans himself, and so were most of our friends. One day we were being intimate, Cissexuality somehow he guessed.

Then it all came out. Of course he felt betrayed.

English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. cis- + sexuality...

Cissexuality It doesn't matter how many changes Cissexuality person has had or that Alex is an adult. She will always be a fetus!!!! Log in No account? July 23rd, It's so nice to read a "success story" about these people for once.

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July 24th, Maura the Art Nun sistawendy. I'm very happy for anyone to spread it around who wants to. July 26th, Navigate Cissexuality Archive Members Userinfo. About us The Transgender LJ community exists to bring together people of all genders for Cissexuality of Transgender issues.

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