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Daughter of the "Agent zoil wife sexual dysfunction" Vice President Agent zoil wife sexual dysfunction Murillo, Zoilamerica shocked the country in by accusing her stepfather, Daniel Ortega, of sexual abuse over a 19 year period, beginning when she was In this interview she expresses her optimism about the new awakening of young Nicaraguans who are fed up with what opposition figures call a mirror image of the Somoza dictatorship without Somoza.

It Agent zoil wife sexual dysfunction in that year that she made public her denunciation of sexual abuse on the part of her stepfather. Her revelation sent shockwaves through that Central American nation, but the accusation was buried with total impunity in Following years of persecution, culminating with the closing of the NGO where she worked the Center for International Studies and the expulsion of her partner from the country, Zoilamerica chose to go into exile herself in Although she now resides across the border, she remains a social activist who is avidly involved in the complex political situation that her country is currently experiencing.

Since last April 19, the streets of various cities in Nicaragua have filled with protesters. What began as a demonstration against changes to the social security law has now become a movement against the government, one that seeks profound changes in Nicaragua. As Zoilamerica sees it, the absolute impunity that was the outcome of her case against her abuser was the preamble to later collusion between Ortega and Murillo.

Their intrigues continued to multiply until they culminated in the level of repression currently playing out in the land of poet Ruben Dario, with a current total of around 40 dead. During her conversation with Distintas Latitudes she shared her view of the decisive moment that Nicaragua is living, from the perspective of her first-hand knowledge of the personalities of the two highest political figures in the country and her experience as an exile and immigrant to the neighboring country of Costa Rica.

Why do you think the attempt to reform social security suddenly unleashed this wave of protests?

In recent weeks, the forest fire in the Indio Maiz biological reserve highlighted a problem where government control of a series of factors was already quite precarious. I should also note that social control has increased over the last five years, causing the NGOs to feel the repression; that pressure had a hand in the closing of the NGO that I directed and in all of the problems of insecurity that brought me into exile.

This control has had to do with how the Sandinista Front transformed their local structures into quasi-paramilitary organizations through which people have been spied on. What for many people was seen as a social paralysis on the part of the public [was really] an accumulation of strengths.

I believe that the trigger has been our memory of history. The manner in which the government confronted this protest generated the final evidence for Nicaraguans that we were living a Somocismo [the form of government of former dictator Anastasio Somoza] without Somoza.

From your perspective, is it possible to negotiate a way out that guarantees the social peace in Nicaragua, considering the personalities and the political power that Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo still have? Three things are basic in this negotiation. First, without the truth and without having all the cards on the table, no negotiation is effective. No aspect of the truth can possibly be reached that way. Currently, we see that the will of the government is to use the negotiation as a way to remain in power under the same conditions, while the kids and many other people are clear that what they want is a dialogue to set up a process of transition.

Finally, Agent zoil wife sexual dysfunction negotiation to function, there must be justice. Processes for peace and dialogue in profoundly divided nations have only yielded results when there are also truth commissions. In Nicaragua, at the moment, none of those three conditions are present. I believe, nevertheless, that the Catholic Church and the young people from the 19 th of April Movement and other sectors that have agreed to participate have done so because Agent zoil wife sexual dysfunction is important to them.

Perhaps the most complicated element is the framework of authoritarianism that Nicaragua now has: So where do you begin?


And that perhaps, is the principle challenge of a negotiating table. In the case Agent zoil wife sexual dysfunction Nicaragua, you have to remember one thing that is as relevant as it is dangerous. Nicaragua had a revolution. Nicaragua has had a long tradition of organization, a culture of leadership, a rebellious nature in the best sense of the word. This has been the background to something that many at this moment have found inexplicable: These young people are bringing together the essence of many generations of Nicaraguans, and hence that makes this movement one that gives us hope.

How can this movement end up being so strong in Nicaragua? Because we also come out of a history with a lot of pain. We really need to write a history of Nicaragua that brings together the lessons learned. Because it also hurts to view each other with that fear.

But later, I experienced that same fear of the police in Nicaragua, in one of the episodes in which they used the police to clamp down on me. When you speak about the dangers of this movement or its characteristics: The new revolution has already begun: For that reason, those of us who have lived through previous stages of our history have to let them lead us, to appreciate the energy, bravery Agent zoil wife sexual dysfunction strength that they have, and the clarity.

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This Nicaragua will unite, will be able to go forward and climb over these obstacles. The Costa Rican government is looking into possibly of receiving Nicaraguans who want to be safe from the violence.

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