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Alexandria people


The following Alexandria people contains spoilers from Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead. Read at your own risk. Rick Grimes might look like the clean-shaven man in uniform we met in The Walking Dead pilot by the end of Sunday's episode, but he most certainly is not the same guy. Despite his hesitations in the previous episode, Sunday's Walking Dead begins with Rick Andrew Lincoln leading his ragtag group of survivors inside the walls of Alexandria.

"Alexandria people" it's clear from the very first moment that the people inside those gates are perhaps more afraid of our dirty, road-weary heroes than Rick initially was of them.

It probably doesn't help that within two minutes or arriving, Daryl Norman Reedus crossbows a possum and Sasha Sonequa Martin-Green blows the head off a walker with her rifle.

The population in Alexandria is...

The Walking Dead postmortem: Danai Gurira on Michonne's big choice. Or at least that what Deanna Munroe Tovah Feldshuhthe former Ohio congresswoman who helped turn a solar-powered planned community into the Alexandria safe Alexandria people she now leads, would have Rick believe. People out there are always looking for an angle, looking to play on your weakness. They measure you by what they can take from you, by how they can use you to live.

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After a much-needed shower and shave, Rick meets another local: Jessie reveals that she has two sons who want Alexandria people meet Carl Chandler Riggsand she urges Rick Alexandria people to write the people of Alexandria off just yet. But, ever distrustful, Rick decides his group will all sleep in one house for the first night — especially since Deanna made them all surrender their firearms.

The Walking Dead' s season finale will be supersized. And Rick has reason to remain distrustful.

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Although Deanna "Alexandria people" much of the next day meeting with the rest of the group Alexandria people assigning them jobs, Rick sets out to explore. Not only does he encounter several walkers Deanna said the area was evacuated and there are very few people, living or dead, that remain in the areabut he Alexandria people discovers that the gun he hid in a blender before entering the gates is mysteriously missing.

During an overnight walk, Rick encounters Jessie's husband, who doesn't seem to be as outwardly friendly as his wife. But perhaps the biggest red flag is Deanna's son, Aiden. Because he had some ROTC training, he is the designated leader for supply runs.

But Aiden has stupidly tied up the walker that was responsible, to remind the scavenger crews to keep their heads straight and follow Aiden's orders. Glenn clearly has no interest in that, especially when the group discovers that Aiden's prisoner has escaped.

When the walker attacks, Aiden insists that the group keep him alive. But after Tara loses control of the walker, Glenn steps in with "Alexandria people" knife and puts it down.

Once the group makes it back inside the gates, Aiden and Glenn engage in a war of words about Aiden's poor leadership. After Aiden tells his mother she should have never let Rick's group in, he takes a swing at Glenn, who puts Aiden on his backside with "Alexandria people" quick jab to the nose.

Deanna and Rick quickly break up the brouhaha, at which point Deanna tells Rick that she wants him and Michonne Danai Gurira to be Alexandria's new constables and tasks them with keeping the peace. After Rick suits up in his cop uniform for his first night shift, Daryl and Carol Melissa McBride rehash their concerns to Rick about staying in Alexandria. In fact, in the episode's chilling Alexandria people moments, it becomes clear that Rick's early words of warning to Deanna may have been about him.

Rick Alexandria people Carol that they are staying with or without Deanna's approval, and proves just how different he is from the noble lawman we knew in Season 1.

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That's not in us anymore. We'll make it work. If they can't make it Are they weak and stupid, or are they playing Rick?

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