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Cheering up your girlfriend over text


Better days are ahead.

When you love someone as a friend or more than a friendyou want them to be happy — right? Everyone likes to feel admired: Thanks for being my friend. Everyone loves a compliment, right?

Is your girlfriend having a...

Acknowledge the tough situation: Send long distance love: Just a simple reminder: You are amazing and will be okay. Send a fun personalized emoji App info below to create a fun reminder that you: Sent by my BFF Cath.

Sometimes we all lose faith in ourselves. Remind her that you never question her strength with a short but so cherished message of: Send a fun photo that you have of her and you together. Tell her how much you value her and her friendship.

Want to send an encouraging...

Completely make her day! Tell her three things you love about herlike: I love how you work so hard to make your community better. I love how you make me laugh when we talk.

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