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Contoh fungi basidiomycota asexual reproduction


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Basidiomycota is one of two...

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$3, February Vol. II, 2nd...

Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Transcript of Copy of taxonomy a science that is concerned with classifying and naming of living organisms. Bacteria Kelompok ganggang hijau biru contohnya adalah Gloeocapsa, Nostoc. Kingdom Protista Phylum Sarcodina - ciliate. They have hair like cytoplasmic projection called cilia for locomotion Phylum Sporozoa - spore bearers. They are mostly parasitic Phylum Chrysophyta - the golden brown diatoms.

The fungi in the Phylum...

They produced golden brown pigment called diatomin. Spark Phylum Mastigophora- the flagellates. They posses flagella for locomotion Phylum sarcondia- theanoebid protist. These are heterotrophs with cytoplasmic extension called pseudopodia. Eukaryotic Thallopyhtes Division Ascomycota Division Basidiomycota Division Deuteromycota They reproduce asexually by producing ascospore in ascidia, others reproduce by budding.

They reproduce asexually by producing basidiospores in club like basidia Fungi Imperfecti. They reproduce asexually by means of spores in conidia.

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