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Matchmaking dota 2 noobs


I've been playing Dota for a couple of months now and in comparison to a lot of mates of mine, I'm an extreme noob. They've been playing for about 10 years from the original DoTA and fortunately I've learnt a significant amount from them.

But what I don't get is the exorbitant amount of flame the community gives noobs. Clearly I'm playing badly in a pub game because I'm new. I'm not trying to ruin your day, and I Matchmaking dota 2 noobs intentionally given up an hour of my time to troll you. If you're not keen on playing against or with noobs then don't play pub games right? Is my logic flawed? I've taken to documenting my progress as a Dota noob in a series of videos where I go through the game playing each hero, often for the first time.

It's remarkable how much hate I can get in a game or see the opposing team rag their own players for their shoddy plays. It's presumptuous in an environment where I can't ascertain the age, gender, skill or character of my team or opponents. Valve have created a bunch of tools to help report and control this abuse as it's Matchmaking dota 2 noobs is largely exclusive to Dota.

But I think the solution is Matchmaking dota 2 noobs of a tell-tale system and more of a transparency of player. The more transparent a player becomes online, the more behaved he becomes, to the extent that I believe if video is mandatory for every game, the less abusive people will be to that person.

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