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Sodastream fountain jet review


Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. So obviously you're reading this hoping to understand why you should buy this product and why you shouldn't. And you've read a bunch of reviews and there doesn't seem to be a middle ground.

Seem's either people hate it and tell you to beware, or love it and highly recommend it Well, read this review from someone who understand technological things and simply isn't some person looking to get soda for 10 cents per liter bottle. If this is what you're looking for, it isn't going to happen. At least not unless you own a carbon dioxide supply company. So why should you buy this?

First off, it does work as advertised. Once you connect the CO2 cartridge, there's not much more to set up, other than put some water preferably spring or filtered COLD water in the liter bottles or 14 oz bottles sold separatelyinject the "proper" amount of carbonation into the bottle and then add whatever amount of flavoring you wish. I say "proper" amount of carbonation because the soda maker at least the ones bought recently - I have the "Dynamo" model and this review was written in Nov will add carbonation to the point where the pressure will force the unit to make a sort of "buzzing" sound which indicates that the maximum carbonation has Sodastream fountain jet review added into the water, and the excess is being forced out to create that "buzzing" sound.

The ability to add carbonation up to Sodastream fountain jet review point where the SodaStream "buzzes" or "burps" brings up another plus. You can add less carbonation than the SodaStream maxes out at, in which case you won't hear the warning sound. But when you do this, you create carbonated drinks which have varying amounts of carbonation in them.

If you desire less, you can make carbonated drinks with less. Yes, some people don't like the flavors that SodaStream provides. But these are the same people SodaStream were probably never "Sodastream fountain jet review" to Sodastream fountain jet review anyway. SodaStream provide a bunch of flavors The point is, as a 3rd plus, you can use their flavors or you can experiment and try anything you like that will flavor your soda.

I use Mio water flavorings which provide excellent, low calorie alternatives. If you don't like their flavors, then don't complain and knock the technology.

Be creative and leverage what the SodaStream gives you A fourth plus is that you refill plastic bottles espcially designed for use with SodaStream soda makers. Because of this, you don't buy cans or 2 liter bottles from the store, in some states paying a redemption free for the right to lug this stuff home, then drinking your soda and then accumulating all these cans and bottles to take back Sodastream fountain jet review a redemption center, or worse, throwing them away and filling a ton of landfills.

People really shouldn't drink too much soda.

At least soda with sugar in it. It Sodastream fountain jet review to obesity, diabetes, etc. But not only does it not taste as good as a soda, you just know that flat water based drinks are missing something. And what's missing is that carbonation and the SodaStream will add that for you, and allow low calorie flavored drinks to taste better and be better for you!

Pros: The SodaStream Jet home...

A sixth plus is space. You don't have all the bottles and cans sitting around, and the SodaStream unit only takes up a small Sodastream fountain jet review of counter space. Yes you do save time and hastle from going to go to the store to lugging around bottles and cans of soda, this one is sort of a wash. See the reasons why you don't buy the SodaStream.

But at the same time, those who claim that it's hard to find replacement CO2 cartridges, don't get out of the house much. What may be issue is returning the unused cartridges, since not all stores that carry the cartridges, support sales and exchanges of the old cartridge. But what i do is simply "Sodastream fountain jet review" the unused ones, and then periodically go to a store that does accept them.

So now lets address why you shouldn't buy the SodaStream. Or better yet, lets address why you don't buy the SodaStream.

While i know you will save money per liter, my feeling is that if that's the primary reason you're looking to buy the SodaStream, i don't recommend it. Hope this information helps. In California where we have to pay a 5 cent redemption fee per can, this Sodastream fountain jet review the money saving and convenience to the "plus" side.

That's incentive enough alone to purchase a SodaStream!!! I've only used one tank of CO2 and I'm already having issues. Either the stores are selling empty 'recharged' tanks or the soda stream "Sodastream fountain jet review" has stopped working.

Its sitting on my counter unused because I'm tired of trying to figure out what's wrong with it. Its a lot of money for a paperweight. Bought a recharged tank a few weeks in advance and when I hooked it up got nothing but a hissing noise. Brought it back to Walmart and they don't exchange tanks anymore. Funny how that works out. Doubt that Soda Stream will stand behind refilled tanks.

Another waste of time and money in the modern world where its easier to give up and complain as loudly as possible than to waste your life trying to get satisfaction. I wouldn't risk the investment again.

Another money machine fizzles away in the sunset Top rated Most recent Top rated. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. There was a problem loading comments right now. I have had this for years and am totally obsessed.

I only drink sparkling water, and this helps me cut costs and waste. I literally could not live without my Sodastream. I really enjoy using my SodaStream. Sodastream fountain jet review

Buy SodaStream Fountain Jet Sparkling...

It's easy to use and has saved me a ton of recycling. Some of the flavors are not as tasty as the name brands, like the Diet Cola and Ginger Ale. Pouring the flavoring into the carbonated water can be messy, but there are pumps you can buy to make it easier, which I strongly recommend. I also find that when we Sodastream fountain jet review sodas from my SodaStream, we drink a lot less soda overall.

Overall the SodaStream is not the same as store-bought sodas, but it is a good alternative for our family.

I immediately carbonated my first bottle of seltzer and continued refilling it for a week. I drink a LOT of seltzer so I went ahead and order an extra two-pack of 1 liter bottles so Sodastream fountain jet review I could always have two bottles of seltzer on hand.

I also bought diet cola and diet rootbeer syrup for the occasional flavored soda I also mix juices in with my seltzer. I love that it helps the environment and I don't have to lug heavy bottles or constantly be packing them up to put out. The only thing I regret is that my bottles helped people in the neighborhood who Sodastream fountain jet review them in for deposit but I would rather not be putting all of that plastic out there so Delicious soda, easy to use, conveniently small, no electricity required and everything you could possibly need right at your fingertips on Amazon.

A Five Star Purchase! I was skeptical about this after reading all of the reviews, but I am glad I did. I use this every day. It is simple to operate and makes very fizzy water. I drink carbonated water with lemons, or limes, or orange slices, or strawberries.

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